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The Green Frog Cafe

March 29, 2019 “The Green Frog Cafe” Michael Jinkins   “From the time that I could walk he’d take me with him to a place called the Green Frog Cafe. There were old men with beer guts playing dominoes, lying about their lives while they played,” go the lyrics of

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The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter Michael Jinkins   I had been sitting in meditation a long while when across my mind came an impression, as though I were somehow looking over into the heart of a galaxy where I could see stars and clouds of stardust whirling around a center

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God’s Will for Our Lives

This conversation happened several years ago, and I am still amazed by what it set in motion. The thing I recall most distinctly about it was my initial skepticism. It was my first meeting with any spiritual director, and my first with the person, Father Paul Scaglione, who would become

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