We believe Christian stewardship is a personal covenant between an individual and God. In this covenant, we acknowledge that:

God is creator and owner of all things, and everything we have is a gift from God to use for His glory.

God calls us to return a portion of our time, talents, and treasure to do His work in the world. God asks each of us to give Him our tithe (Malachi 3:10). But, Christian stewardship is more than returning a portion of our gifts to God. It is about faith and trust in God. God wants us to commit our whole lives to His son Jesus Christ. When we make this commitment to Christ, our lives are transformed and our faith deepens.

Giving of Talents & Time

Whether you think God can use you in the life of SCAPC or not, there is a place for you here! Check the Missions and Ministries sections of the website to see if something speaks to your heart. Volunteers are needed in most areas of our ministry. If you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to start something! Many of our ministries are an outgrowth of the passions of one or more of our members who saw a need and responded with their time and talent, blessing countless others in the process. Come and see us on Sundays, Wednesdays, or any day during the week to see what God has for you here at SCAPC.

Giving of Treasure


Did you know that you can simplify your giving to SCAPC? If you find it difficult to remember to tithe, but want to participate financially in God’s work through SCAPC, you can set up regular payments of any amount for the church, through your debit or credit card. You won’t have to worry about mailing your checks or remembering your envelopes. Your bank/credit card statement as well as your SCAPC Giving Summary will reflect your contributions.


For God, all things are possible. Through us He touches the world; we are his hands.
As part of his touch, your past pledges have done so much for our church, affirming your commitment to our church community, while supporting the many activities that express our faith and hope. Thank you. Giving of our treasures, our very selves, is a grace from God. It changes the donor and the lives of each person through whom the gift passes.


The Visionary Fund was created by the Session several years ago to give church members an additional opportunity to make a gift to our church, above and beyond their Stewardship pledge. Fund assets enable the church to grow significantly in its mission and ministry. The very existence of the Fund helps ensure that St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church will be around for generations to come. Indeed, were it not for the generosity of our forebears in faith at St. Charles Avenue Church, we would not enjoy the facility and fine ministry we have today.


The Gifts & Memorials Fund consists of contributions that are used to help defray the annual operating expenses and minor special projects of the church. These generally consist of specific donations (such as contributions to fund a special music event or the purchase of new chairs) and unspecified contributions to the church in memory of a loved one.

To make a pledge, contribute to the visionary fund, or give a gift or memorial, contact SCAPC Accountant Emily Fleshman, (emily@scapc.org). If you are interested in learning about more ways that you can give your time or talents, contact Camille Zander (camille@scapc.org).

Make a Donation to SCAPC